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The “CRM Manifesto Alliance" is a group of independent thinkers fully engaged as practitioners in the CRM industry. On January 20, 2007, in an undersized London conference room, this original group convened and architected the manifesto principals in order to baseline a thoughtful and comprehensive definition of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that would serve altruistic purposes, provide basis for participants, benefit the CRM community at large, and provide refuge from the many vendor imposed self serving definitions which bias, misalign, exaggerate or perverse the definition for proprietary interests.

The CRM Manifesto Alliance is not anti-vendor, and in fact, many members want to restore credibility to the legitimate partnership between software vendors and customers. Further, the alliance seeks to promote the symbiotic relationship between CRM strategy and CRM software as an enabler of that strategy. Most importantly, we seek feedback, collaboration, debate and ideas with further advance the understanding and benefits of Customer Relationship Management.

The goals of the CRM Manifesto include the following:

  1. Establish truths and key principals of Customer Relationship Management in industry neutral terms and for the benefit of adopters and participants;

  2. Articulate a vision for CRM that participants want the alliance to pursue;

  3. Speak to CRM in business terms and not in technical terms;

  4. Make contributors proud of what we are doing and motivate us to continue; and

  5. Provide a framework for other participants or interested parties to advance this vision of CRM.

These principles will not evolve on their own. People are needed to seek explanation, vet alternative theories and promote understanding. The CRM Manifesto Alliance is committed to advancing these principles in an open and transparent environment. We invite others to join us and advance CRM benefits, understanding and participation for a global community.


Customer Relationship Management Manifesto